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We care about each other ...

None of us are at our best unless we’re healthy and happy. The jobs we do are important, but that should never stop us enjoying our lives at work and at home.

  • I’m very proud to Chair our Wellbeing Committee. We can all experience challenging times and Covid-19 has exacerbated these challenges, including the pressure on many people’s mental health. Our approach is to focus on prevention as well as providing effective support pathways for our people if they experience difficulties.

  • Now, more than ever, it is for us as leaders, managers and colleagues to show compassion and actively foster a working environment that generates trust and kindness. We want to make sure that all employees feel supported in discussing any health concerns they have, in the knowledge that they will be listened to and receive understanding and assistance. Our CEO and Executive Management Team are committed leading by example to ensure that safety and wellbeing are at the heart of Affinity Water.


    Programme Manager

  • Making work a good place to be has always been important to me, so being invited to join the Wellbeing committee provided a great opportunity to have some input, share ideas and also learn from the other members who are all recognised for leading by example and are passionate about making people feel valued and supported.

  • Our wellbeing framework is a really positive step forward and features a great range of info to help everyone improve their physical and mental health, and includes a list of behaviours needed by managers to promote wellbeing within their teams so that wellbeing is driven from the top.


    Business Lead - Leakage

Need a friendly ear?

  • "While working from home, the wellbeing webinars have been brilliant at providing that extra care and support I've needed."


We celebrate the
diversity of our people

We’re committed to creating an inclusive culture at Affinity Water, making sure that everyone feels comfortable bringing their true self to work.

  • Affinity Water colleagues are always willing to listen and learn about others backgrounds and experiences. Being part of the LGBTQ+ community, I have found it refreshing to be a part of a company who encourages you to bring your whole self to work, and celebrates the difference a diverse workforce can make to an organisation and its outputs. It’s great to see that the diverse nature of our supply area is also mirrored in the population of our workforce.


    Head of Business Excellence and Transformation

  • On International Men’s Day, I hosted a webinar to launch our “Let’s Talk Men’s Network”. This is a safe space for men to talk about their mental health and wellbeing, to tackle critical issues such as male suicide, male depression, substance abuse among many others. I am very passionate about promoting positive male role models, celebrating their contributions to society, and improving gender equality to create a safe and better workplace. I feel very honoured to be leading this initiative which is supported at the highest level of the organisation.


    Deputy Company Secretary

  • EDI is my passion as I believe that the best work environment is one where everyone feels valued and respected for who they are. I believe each individual has so much to offer, and the way to unleash all that potential is to encourage them to bring their whole self to work. I joined the EDI committee to make sure that I was playing my part to make Affinity Water a place where everyone feels included, and therefore can thrive.


    Asset Specialist

  • Affinity Water is really committed to taking care of our wellbeing and supporting initiatives aimed at empowering its workforce. I champion neurodiversity here and the team really supports me in this. I organised a neurodiversity webinar earlier this year, and it was attended by over 80 people including several from senior management - I was impressed to find there was so much interest in the subject and an appetite for bringing neurodiversity to the forefront.


    Meter reader

  • We are proud to launch the Open Network Education group or ONE network, to help increase support and representation of our BAME community at Affinity Water. This has been long overdue but has been received well by our senior leaders and colleagues across the business; and will help us support transformational change to our organisation and the water sector.

    Phil and Florence

    Leakage Control Manager and Trustee Company Secretary

We look after our environment ...

  • At Affinity Water, we have amazing opportunities to volunteer with wildlife conservation groups helping to manage habitats around our supply area. It gives everyone the chance to experience something outside of their day-to-day working life, learn something new and meet different people from around the company. Managing our sites for biodiversity is incredibly important to us and the groups that we work with rely on volunteers, which Affinity Water is happy to help with.


    Asset Scientist


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